Orchesto is a multi-point object storage gateway compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage.

Orchesto provides support to three different types of storage providers which enables a number of deployment configurations in order to accommodate different types of use cases:

Orchesto supports a wide selection of cloud providers

All data uploaded to Orchesto is stored in the native format of the storage provider, ensuring the data lifecycle is not obstructed across storage environments. This allows direct access to the data outside Orchesto, and access to existing data through Orchesto, at the same time.

Namespace Federation

To enable a storage gateway against any combination of storage providers, Orchesto features namespace federation with both virtual locations and buckets.

Virtual Location Namespace

Virtual Bucket Namespace

Bucket Overlay

Given a virtual bucket, you can choose to overlay its backing bucket with another backing bucket. This allows objects from separate backing buckets, possibly from separate backing locations and providers, to be transparently overlaid, and thereby form a single coherent object namespace.

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