Extreme Data Growth Demands Leap in Innovation

Next generation storage solutions focused on data portability, performance and protection.

Zebware’s main focus is to build Object Storage with superior performance which is enabled by ZebEC, our proprietary erasure code software that is significantly more efficient than any other solution available on the market today.

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Make S3 Simple Again.

Mix local & cloud storage with one gateway.


Bridging erasure coded storage to hot data.


Zebware erasure code ZebEC is a novel patented erasure code, built for maximum performance on different hardware platforms, reaching architectures from the edge to the cloud.


ZebEC is a rate-less erasure code that can be configured with respect to redundancy for any use case, both statically and dynamically (varies based on redundancy level associated with a type of data).


The predictable and unique performance for small & large payloads is a perfect fit for such storage products where high performance, power consumption and cost of data redundancy is critical.


ZebEC is compatible with installations of Reed-Solomon erasure code, and can achieve a significant performance increase compared to best in class RS code libraries.

Who We Are

Zebware is a software company specialized in development of next generation storage solutions focused on data portability, performance and protection.

Driven by customer needs and strong innovation, Zebware has developed a patented erasure code which outperforms existing solutions. We believe we can make erasure coding the default choice for any type of data availability and protection scenario. This includes data stored in your own data centers, public cloud or at the edge.

Our vision is to revolutionize data storage management giving our customers dramatic cost reductions but also enable use cases previously considered out of reach using existing solutions. We do this by selling components for others to integrate into their own solutions but also providing stand-alone systems for specific use cases.

Our Partners

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