Liberating applications, optimizing storage

Unleash the applications and stay in control. Zebware orchestrates your application data across the most optimized infrastructure.

Zebware introduces intelligent orchestration between applications and storage infrastructure, allowing them to fulfil respective requirements – without affecting each other.
We offer one single integration interface for the application to the entire storage. You can design and optimize whatever storage environment you desire – without disturbing the applications.

How will this improve your business?

By removing the dependencies between applications and storage, several improvements are gained immediately, including a >50% cost reduction in storage.

  • Increased innovation speed and reduced time to market
  • Increased focus on development
  • Less application maintenance
  • Increase revenue and overall profit
  • Increased control of the IT budget
  • Less cost dependencies between IT and application development
  • Capex optimization
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Decreased cost of storage and increased performance